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Equity Release

This growing market has enabled people of 55+ all over the country to take advantage of some  of the equity in their homes. Improving their quality of life and wellbeing, giving them choices and the freedom to live their lives to the full.

MCF can dispel the myths and see if Equity Release is the right product for you. For a free, independent and conscientious consultation call MCF on 01600 860 013 / 07590 849234

Last year 47,000 home owners in the UK released £3,600,000,000, enabling them to have a better quality of life in Retirement.

  • Holidays
  • Clearing Debts
  • Gifting
  • Clearing outstanding mortgages

With an ageing population but one that is fitter than any previous generation, coupled with rising property values and the large number of interest only mortgages coming towards maturity the Equity Release market is growing rapidly. 

If you are over 55 and own or have equity in your residential property you could use these products, but only if it is the best option for you. Minaur Corporate Finance, or MCF, is a small, family run Brokerage based in Monmouthshire. They have access to the whole of the UK market for all providers of Equity Release and Lifetime Mortgage Facilities, giving you the choice of the market and ensuring that the very best solution for your specific situation is found.
Equity Release is not always the best option but Managing Director, Paul Minaur, takes great care to look at every case. He will take you through all the options to see if Equity Release is the right product for you.

Paul Minaur said, “When my mother-in-law was widowed she asked me for some financial advice, she had a small interest only mortgage which was coming up to maturity, with only a small pension she had no clear way of paying this off. Not wanting to sell and move from her home, this was a real problem. 

I researched the market and discovered the different options available and what would be required. Her concerns of wanting to leave as much as possible to her children, will they make me move, what happens if I get ill etc... are all natural and sensible questions. All of these are covered and fully explained.
We decided that an Equity Release product was the best solution because it released enough money to pay off the mortgage, buy a new car and enable her to have a better standard of living with no monthly payments.
The outcome of this was an immediate improvement on her quality of life whilst leaving her in control of her home and with a decent amount of equity left for inheritance. She no longer worried about how to pay her mortgage off and was able to stay mobile, keep various memberships going, travel a little and more importantly not have to worry about what happens if the boiler needs replacing.
For more information and to see if Equity Release could work for you, call MCF for a friendly, no obligation chat.
Tel : 01600 860013 Mob: 07590849234

"I was impressed with the care Paul took and the amount of time taken to select the best provider from the whole of the market. "

I was introduced to Paul Minaur of MCF by a colleague who had been a client of Paul’s. I was acting on behalf of my parents who required funds to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. Paul quickly understood my parent’s position and requirements, he gave clear and straight forward advice on a number of potential finance options. Due to their needs we all decided that an Equity Release product was the best way forwards for them. I was impressed with the care Paul took and the amount of time taken to select the best provider from the whole of the market.

Mr S. G. Lincolnshire

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